Problems are everywhere. Mankind understands some, fails to discern many. At Aufenbach, we are problem solvers. We don't believe in learning to live with the problems, but rather look for or come up with solutions. We intend to design products, solutions and frameworks to enable the human race to move forward. We cover various fields of science and technology at various scales, and strive to innovate and engineer solutions with the optimal balance of efficiency and quality for the given resources.
Your problems, our adventure.


Not all problems are apparent and conspicuous; dive deep and analyse trivial annoyances, get to its root, as there lies opportunity for improvement and growth. Ideate in tranquility. Use psychological artifices to really think outside the box.


Creativity isn't just in art and craft. It's everywhere. Exhibit visually, as it instigates creativity. Blueprint with iterative feedback to empathize with the end user. Consider the holistic standpoint, where design, engineering and business meet.


Build. Performance, quality, reliability, effectivity and efficiency, all optimized. The know-how, depth and breadth and how the different spheres connect. Au courant and au fait with the latest technology available, and the will to push beyond.


Stress Level Zero’s New Game ‘Boneworks’ Revealed, Striving for “Hyper-realistic” Physics-based Interactions

Indie VR studio Stress Level Zero has been quietly working on their new title, Boneworkssince going into stealth development after showing off an intriguing tech demo last year which featured rich, physics-based interactions. Today the studio is revealing Boneworksas a full game, due for launch in 2019. Stress Level Zero is a veteran VR developer, having […]

Fighting the NGLY1 Deficiency: An unorthodox approach

What do you do when there are no experts to turn to? For computer scientist Matt Might, the answer was obvious: you become the expert. When doctors couldn’t figure out his son’s disease, he found a way to crack the code. Matt’s son, Bertrand, suffers from an extremely rare genetic […]

These Gloves Can Teach You to Play the Piano. And Maybe Heal Your Brain.

Georgia Tech researchers Thad Starner and Caitlyn Seim have developed a pair of gloves with seemingly magical powers. They can teach someone to play the piano in an hour. They’ve taught blind people to read braille in four hours, a process that usually takes up to four months. The gloves work through a process […]