Fighting the NGLY1 Deficiency: An unorthodox approach

What do you do when there are no experts to turn to? For computer scientist Matt Might, the answer was obvious: you become the expert. When doctors couldn’t figure out his son’s disease, he found a way to crack the code. Matt’s son, Bertrand, suffers from an extremely rare genetic […]

These Gloves Can Teach You to Play the Piano. And Maybe Heal Your Brain.

Georgia Tech researchers Thad Starner and Caitlyn Seim have developed a pair of gloves with seemingly magical powers. They can teach someone to play the piano in an hour. They’ve taught blind people to read braille in four hours, a process that usually takes up to four months. The gloves work through a process […]

A tiny Bluetooth chip that harvests energy from the air

The Internet of Things promises to connect billions of otherwise ordinary devices to the internet, but when each one needs to have its own battery, there’s a limit to how small or cheap they can become. A new paper-thin Bluetooth chip that’s able to operate entirely without a battery could be about […]

The Open-Source Driving Simulator That Trains Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving cars are set to revolutionize transport systems the world over. If the hype is to be believed, entirely autonomous vehicles are about to hit the open road. The truth is more complex. The most advanced self-driving technologies work only in an extremely limited set of environments and weather conditions. […]