Ref: AEV – X1

Autonomy brings convenience. No one deserves to waste hours and hours every single day commuting. Our objective is to largely reduce transit times.

AEV – X1 is a project focused towards providing a Fully Electric Transit Pod System that runs on Level 5 Autonomy. It is designed from the ground up tailored for autonomous driving. The body houses 4 LIDAR units, 2 RADAR units, 20 Ultrasonic sensors, and 8 Camera sensors, all flushed into the surface.

Our designs are based on flat-bed chassis with an extremely low center of mass. Majority of the components of the vehicle, including the complete power train, power systems, and control systems are placed at the base of the vehicle. The pod also supports all-wheel steering for extreme agility.

The chassis can house either one, two or four motors based on the desired configuration. We’ve used state-of-the-art Axial Flux Motors for extremely high power density and efficiency.

The batteries are housed in the bed of the chassis. The pod’s exterior design is inspired by a water-droplet for optimum aerodynamics. The theoretical drag coefficients are in an unsurpassed territory of its own.

Prototype 01

Our first prototype houses a single axial flux motor with a peak output of 300kW and over 500Nm of torque @ 8000rpm. With a 100kWh Lithium-Ion battery, the estimated range is well over 800 kilometers on a single charge. This is achievable due to its extremely lightweight and simplistic design.

The Vision

The pods or shuttles are suitable for Personal Rapid Transit, On-demand Transit, Shared Transit as well as lightweight freight or package delivery. Amalgamated with our V2X communication system, the pods will be able to determine its own optimal path after communicating with the surrounding vehicles. This would lead to a massive decline in point to point transit time.

Our first prototypes are expected to hit closed environment testing by Q2 of 2020. Stay tuned!