The shift to Electric Vehicles has been imminent, with companies like Tesla displacing the existing fossil fuel powered car market and other companies trying to replace the well-established supply chain of gasoline and diesel vehicles. It’s a well-documented fact that EVs are expensive, and as of right now, even with falling prices, the EV market hasn’t yet delved in to reach the middle class populace.

To bridge this gulf, we’ve designed a Universal Modular Drivetrain unit that can be combined with any motor/battery pack architectures according to the clients’ discretion with cost effective design configuration to give a large variety of customisable vehicular models. 

An added advantage of this is that the universal core architecture allows for a better safety rating across all the segment of vehicles, given almost all economy segment automobiles barely meet the safety criteria in the market, as safety is taken secondary in the Indian market as to competence in terms of cost. We can hence enable manufacturers to achieve a good-excellent rating and develop according to the global road safety standards with the architecture, ensuring safety for all.

Our module includes:

  • Powertrain (Motor + Motor controller)
  • Steering System 
  • Suspension System
  • Wheel Assembly
  • Braking System

In short, we are building cars like LEGO®.


Note: Does not include BMS or battery.