Virtual Reality has the potential to revolutionize various industries and experiences. The audio-visual segment has received a significant amount of attention and investment. However, for a truly immersive experience, all of our senses need to be addressed through the virtual environment.

Division 1: A full VR/AR bodysuit

The bodysuit is made of a flexible and breathable fabric which houses numerous feedback modules. Each module holds a number of individually programmable units that possess the ability to give the users real force feedback normal to the skin’s surface, additional to haptic and electro stimulation.

The suit also houses channels for CNT (or polymer) threads to enforce restrictive forces at the joints. This would give the developers the ability to emulate weight and recoil.

Division 2: A VR treadmill

An add-on unit for the user’s footwear allows the user to walk in a virtual environment. The developer can program and control the friction between the user’s feet and the base unit. The inclination of the base unit may also be programmed so as to simulate uphill and downhill environments.

Both the wearable device as well as the base unit are being designed keeping ergonomics and practicality in mind.

Custom implementations (B2B) for Division 2 are now open for consideration. Please contact us at for more information.

Examples: FPS Gaming, VR-based Touring & Exploration, VR-based Architecture & Interior Designing, etc.

Demos for Division 1 are expected to be announced in early 2020.